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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

  Interpretation of the company logo:
  1. The overall design consists of CPRI letters as the main elements, and cleverly combines the morphological characteristics of "test tubes" and "capsules" to design CPRI letters.
  2. The overall logo design is leaning forward in a unified and stable form. The R and P letters are not closed, which shows that the hospital has an open mind, win-win cooperation, passionate commitment, and courage to take responsibility (family responsibility, corporate responsibility and social responsibility). Core element.
  3. The ingenious design of the letter I reflects the core element of the innovation of the Institute of Medical Engineering, and abstractly expresses the constant sprouting of innovative medical products by the people of the Institute of Medical Engineering.
  4. Blue represents a prudent, rigorous scientific research attitude and the broad tolerance of the sea, while green interprets vitality, vitality and creativity.
  Company Vision:
  Adhere to the creation of new drugs with independent intellectual property rights as the main line, implement talent strategies, innovation strategies, and internationalization strategies to continuously improve the core competitiveness of the company, and build a domestic first-class, internationally compatible, high-tech and high-growth new drug research and development. Type pharmaceutical company.
  company spirit:
  The company’s entrepreneurial spirit is derived from the initials "CPRI" of the English name of the Institute of Medical Engineering
  "Cooperation, Professional, Responsibility, Innovation".
  is to advocate win-win cooperation, professionalism, responsibility, pioneering and innovative.  
  Company mission:
  Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "cooperation, professionalism, responsibility, and innovation", and taking "caring for the health of the Chinese people and revitalizing the national medicine" as its own mission, we will create a high-tech enterprise in the new economic era of medicine.
  Company philosophy:
  Continue to innovate, enjoy health, and repay shareholders with high-quality technological achievements for the benefit of society.

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