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Quality Management

Quality Management

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  The quality of mission
  Through continuous technological innovation, we will continue to improve our R&D and quality management capabilities, and improve our technical services and product quality.
  To provide the public with regulatory requirements, safe, effective products and technical services to meet the needs of the market and patients, to ensure the safety of medication for patients, and ultimately improve the quality of life of patients.
  Quality values
  Respect for life, quality first, excellence, the pursuit of excellence
  Our quality commitment
  Respecting patients' lives, providing and promoting high quality R & D products are the values of each employee's hard work in Chongqing Medical Institute. We strive to improve the quality of human life and constantly improve the quality of products and technical services;
  We pursue the quality of integrity, to research and develop and produce compliance, safety, effective products and provide reliable, high quality technical services for the mission;
  We require that the whole process of product development and production must conform to or be higher than the regulations and GMP requirements of the country where the product is registered.
  We are committed to the development of advanced science and technology, on the basis of risk management system, constantly improve the quality system, to meet customer requirements, exceed customer expectations;
  We continue to improve the quality of research and development, product quality, service quality, continuous pursuit of excellence, is committed to become an international standard to research and development as the driving force of innovative enterprises;
  We care about life, develop and produce quality products, so that patients can get safe, convenient and high-quality health products, which is our important social responsibility.

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