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The digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry is accelerating, how can pharmaceutical companies achieve sales growth?

On August 5, the first JD Health "Yunshang Medicine Fair" hosted by JD Health's drug wholesale trading platform "JD Medicine Jingcai" closed. In the three-day online exhibition, more than 300 pharmaceutical companies participated in the exhibition, hundreds of thousands of people in the pharmaceutical industry visited the "cloud exhibition" and watched live broadcasts. Sales of more than 30 exhibitors increased by more than 300% year-on-year.

The development status of China's pharmaceutical industry in 2020

2019 is an important transformation and key upgrade year for the development of my country's pharmaceutical industry. The pace of industrial reform has accelerated, the pace of market opening has accelerated, and the growth of the industry has slowed down, but the quality of industrial operations has improved. Driven by new environmental pressures such as encouraging competition, centralized procurement, price reduction, rational use of medicines

Advances in research on anti-pancreatic cancer nanomedicine

Pancreatic cancer is highly lethal. The fundamental reason for its refractory is that pancreatic cancer cells are wrapped in a dense matrix barrier, which hinders the infiltration of therapeutic drugs and makes it difficult to remove tumor cells. In order to promote the penetration of therapeutic drugs through the matrix barrier,

Build a government-enterprise communication platform to discuss new opportunities for high-quality development in the pharmaceutical industry

Southern Net News (Reporter/Tang Wenshi) April 9th, the 5th Yuncheng Tianyu Food and Drug Evaluation and Certification Technology Summit Conference and the 3rd of the 2nd Member Representative Conference with the theme of "Co-construction, Co-governance, Sharing High-quality" The second meeting was held at the Guangzhou Huangpu Science City Convention Center. This meeting was guided by the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration, Guangzhou Huangpu District People's Government

Ten miles of spring breeze, gather in Chaohu, 2021 Biomedical Industry Development Forum is a complete success

The spring breeze is blowing, the earth is recovering, in the beautiful Chaohu, Anhui, from April 9 to 10, 2021, from Anhui Chaohu Biological Industrial Park, Beijing Tianhe Yingtai Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Beijing Xichuang Investment Management Co., Ltd. The "Post-epidemic Era of New Biomedicine Industrialization Opportunities and 2021 Biomedical Industry Development Forum" jointly organized by the company and Baolan Property Co., Ltd.
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