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Company History

Company History

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  1950, The company predecessor for Xinan Pharmaceutical Factory Laboratory was founded
  1951, Vinyl chloride used for Anti-hookworm was successfully developed
  1964, Chongqing Pharmaceutical Research was founded
  1978, moved to company’s present location on Tushan Road
  1987, Ranitidine was successfully developed
  1989, Clindamycin was successfully developed, and then was successfully manufactured in our pilot workshop which afterwards was approved by FDA in 1994.
  1992, Fluconazole was successfully developed
  1994, Milrinone was successfully developed.
  1997, First FDA approval on Clindamycin API in China was authorized to CPRI
  2000, Chongqing Carelife Pharma, a joint venture of CPRI was founded
  2002, Acquired by Shanghai FosunPharma Group
  2009, CRPI invested a start-up pharma-tech company Chongqing Fochon Pharma to get hands on new drug development
  2009, Hold wholly and control over Chongqing Kangle Pharma
  2010, Sucrose iron, Pemetrexed disodium API were approved by FDA
  2012, Construction of Changshou API manufacturing facility started
  2015, Construction of Changshou API manufacturing facility completed and put into use.

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